Wichita to Update 152,000 Water Meters

Wichita Water Meter CoverFollowing a study conducted by Arcadis, Wichita public works & utilities department will invest $32M over five years to modernize water meters throughout its service area. The new meters will replace outdated meters, some of which are over 40 years old.

Wichita looks to improve efficiency, worker safety in accuracy through its new AMR system. The city also hopes the new technology will minimize customer services issues. In particular the city received complaints about long and short reads and inconsistencies in billing.  The new system can also has an option to allow customers to read their own meter via an iPhone or ipad using a Digi ERT Gateway.

The new system will use Badger meters paired with Itron 100w ERT modules. Deployment will be handled by National Meter and Automation. National Meter and Automation will also extend the warranty of the system beyond the twelve-month manufacturer’s warranty.

According to Wichita Public Works and Utilities Director Alan King, the new system holds the potential to increase meter accuracy by 5%, which equates to $3.5M annually. King also estimates the city will save $1.1M annually in operating costs from the new system through the new AMR system. These savings can help minimize the impacts of future rate increases.

Image courtesy of www.tywilkins.com