WaterReuse Research Foundation Issues RFP on Management of Legionella in Recycled Water Systems

The WaterReuse Research Foundation (WRRF) has issued a request-for-proposal titled “Development of a Risk Management Strategy for Legionella in Recycled Water Systems”. WRRF seeks to understand and communicate the possibilities of exposure to Legionella within recycled water systems as well as develop control solutions so that water quality managers can mitigate the risks associated with Leginella.

Singapore PUB is a funding partner for this project.

The RFP’s objectives include:

1. Characterize the occurrence of Legionella spp pathogenic to humans in reclaimed water distribution systems;
2. Characterize the disinfection kinetics of Legionella spp by chemical disinfectants used in reclaimed water distribution
systems so that Legionella can be better controlled;
3. Summarize and evaluate management techniques to control Legionella occurrence and/or concentration, such as flushing,
reduced detention time, disinfection strategies, etc; and
4. Characterize the risk to human health from Legionella in aerosols derived from recycled water and assess management
practices to reduce or minimize this risk

Proposals are due by October 17, 2012. Contact Stefanie McGregor Project Number: WateReuse-12-05

WaterReuse RFP

Photo Courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention