U.S. EPA Awards $6.3M in Grants for Protecting Puget Sound Watersheds

23 projects to receiving federal funding

Nineteen watersheds drain to the Puget Sound. As these areas undergo growth and development, they generate more storm water runoff, which according to a recent report, is the most common way that toxic chemicals reach the sound. To accomodate growth and minimize the impact of the development on Puget Sound, the U.S. EPA, in partnership with Washington State Departments of Commerce, Ecology, as well at the Puget Sound Partnership, will fund 23 projects aimed at improving watershed conditions.

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire commented:

Healthy watersheds are a key to a healthy Puget Sound. As our communities grow and prosper, it’s important that we develop and use the land in ways that protect our working lands, our streams and the Sound itself. These grants will help us do that. The Sound plays a huge role in the quality of life our state, which in turn is a major driver of our economy and jobs.

EPA’s interactive Puget Sound Funding Map

Project List