The Water Innovation Project Announces Plans to Transform the Way We Value Water

The Water Innovation Project, LLC launches services that help the water industry better communicate the true value of water.

After spending years dealing with a fragmented industry and seeing an underlying lack of understanding of the value of water by the general population, industry veteran Christopher Peacock has established the Water Innovation Project. With a mission to transform the way we value water through innovation and collaboration, the company is exploring opportunities to help connect the industry with emerging technologies while educating the public.

“Water is continually undervalued as a result of poor communication, fragmented messaging, leadership gaps, and lack of insight into the true costs of developing, treating, delivering, collecting, and reusing this most precious resource” states Peacock.

The company is initially focused on the commercialization of innovative water technology firms in the Smart Water and Software solutions sector. Additionally, the firm is developing a series of leadership programs for those serving in the water industry and exploring new endeavors through its Water Innovation Lab. The first project launching from the Lab later this year is H2.O (, an online platform for the water utility industry to collaborate and share knowledge around information technology and software solutions.

“Social media, big data, cloud computing, and mobile technology tools will continue to enhance our ability to understand and communicate the true costs of water” adds Peacock.

Through a series of strategic partnerships and industry collaborations, via its Water Innovation Lab, the company is exploring further opportunities to advance innovation in the water industry. Future projects under consideration include gamification, crowdsourcing options to meet the needs of smaller utilities, a hackathon, and a water entrepreneur academy.

About The Water Innovation Project, LLC

The Water Innovation Project is a consultancy, leadership hub, and idea lab with a mission to transform the way we value water through innovation and collaboration. We work with water technology firms, current and future leaders in the water industry, and develop our own projects through our Water Innovation Lab. Learn more about The Water Innovation Project at

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