Tennessee Green Development Grants Available

State and federal agencies partner to provide $350,000 in grants to address stormwater runoff.

Tennessee counties and municipalities can receive financial assistance to help minimize storm water runoff from a new grant program created through a partnership between the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the Tennessee Stormwater Association, Tennessee DOT and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Grants spanning $10,000 to $30,000 target projects designed to maximize onsite retention of stormwater, such as rain gardens, green roofs, pervious pavements, rainwater harvesting and tree boxes.

Awardees will be selected through a competitive process that will weigh water quality benefits, long-term project commitment, communication of project benefits to the community, financial impact of grant and scalability. The grants also require a 20% match.

“As more local communities strive to meet their stormwater management goals through green development practices, we are pleased to be in a position to offer a funding resource to help kick start these innovative new projects,” said Environment and Conservation Deputy Commissioner Shari Meghreblian. “By applying creative design and green technology, local governments can improve water quality for Tennesseans while working to achieve their stormwater management goals.”

“We are proud to offer this as an opportunity for Tennessee Stormwater Association members to build projects that establish good examples of the type of innovative stormwater management techniques we expect to be seeing in years to come,” said Tennessee Stormwater Association President Chris Granju.

“Protecting the quality of our watersheds is a shared stewardship responsibility,” said Brenda Brickhouse, TVA Vice President of Environmental Permits and Compliance. “Improving water quality after the fact is much more expensive than keeping it clean at the initial source. One key is to control and filter stormwater prior to it entering into Tennessee’s streams, rivers and reservoirs.”

Applications for the 2012 Green Development Grants are due by Sept. 30, 2012, and grant awards will be announced by Nov. 1, 2012. Grant applications will be reviewed and ranked by a team comprised of representatives from each of the partner agencies.  The next offering for Green Development Grants will be available May 2013.

Grant Application Package