Should You Specify Solid-State Technology in your Next Meter Changeout?

Everything you always wanted to know about solid-state water meters (but were afraid to ask).

“We’ve been in the water meter industry for about 110 years,” shares Badger Meter’s Jan Boyer. “Up until recently we’ve had the mechanical meter line. It’s been accurate and well regarded. In 2010, we released our first E-series ultrasonic. It was released in stainless steel version. We’ve since developed an engineered polymer version. That gives customers different material choices.

Badger Meter's E-Series Meters

Badger Meter’s E-Series Meters

“While we do have a very good mechanical metering line, we’re seeing the market acceptance, and seeing this take off is because it’s able to withstand lower and higher flow rates. It’s not affected by debris.  It’s much more tolerant of particulates. And, you have a stronger burst strength. We’re really seeing a greater acceptance in the marketplace.

“The E-Series meter is really designed for potable water, but it’s also available for reclaimed water applications. It’s really good for water that has small particulates in it. It’s very forgiving.”

The E-Series can be configured with a variety of exception-based alarms. Boyer explains, ” It makes leaks more visible. It detects reverse flow. It has a low-temp alarm. It can send all this information up through the network and include it in reports. Utilities are better able to manage their water because they can see what’s going on in their system.  Utilities are looking for more and more information, especially for water conservation.”

Muhlenberg County Water District

Muhlenberg County Water District had a pretty good hunch that their existing mechanical meters weren’t accurately measuring consumption, particularly during low flows. On top of this, during the winter months  meters would burst due to pressure issues during freezing temperatures. The district sought a solution which would simultaneously decrease non-revenue water, solve meter failures from pressure issues as well as more efficiently gather meter data. They found a solution in Sensus’ new iPERL meter, a solid state unit utilizing electromagnetic flow technology.