Should You Specify Solid-State Technology in your Next Meter Changeout?

Everything you always wanted to know about solid-state water meters (but were afraid to ask).

Tri-County Regional Water 

Tri-County Regional Water (TCRW) supplies water for about 8,000 customers in three Arkansas counties. The utility was experiencing problems with their existing drive-by system and looked to find a solution that would address non-revenue water concerns, be able to tolerate higher pressures and improve their drive-by AMR system. They chose Badger Meter’s E-Series ultrasonic meters.

Badger Meter's ORION System

Badger Meter’s ORION System

Badger’s E-Series use a one-piece construction with an integrated register, making the meter tamper-proof. The meter is constructed of stainless steel and anengineered polymer. Badger Meter states that the E-Series will uphold an accuracy of ±1.5% and delivers better accuracy across a wider flow range. The meters are compatible with a variety of AMI/AMR systems. TCRW is using Badger Meter’s ORION Classic mobile reading system.

“The previous meters had a lot of discrepancies between what the radio would send to the computer versus what the dial was reading,” shared John Choate, Tri County Regional Water’s General Manager. “We had what we felt like was lots of lost water, water just not registering at all. Some of the old meters completely quit, and wouldn’t register anything.

“We’re close to three thousand installed. So far, the new e-series are trending well. The accuracy curve is better. The more meters we put in, the less non-revenue water issues. With the new E-Series, the lost water trend is decreasing consistently, and revenue is obviously increasing.

“They are able to withstand higher pressures. In the Ozark mountains, we have a lot of peaks and valleys in our pressure zones. Our older meters, if they had too much pressure on them, the casing at the bottom would fail. These new ones will handle higher pressure. So far these have been doing better.” shared Choate.

“The lost water trend is decreasing, the more we install.” concludes Choate.