Pipeline Complete Delivering Water to Groesbeck

After nearly running dry, the Navasota River is flowing again, thanks to an emergency pipeline constructed to deliver water to the 6500 residents of a small city in Central Texas.

The pipeline bypasses Fort Parker Lake, tapping into the Navasota further upstream. The lake was at capacity earlier in the year, but dry conditions and high temperatures eventually parched the once full lake in a matter of months. By capturing water upstream and diverting the water around the lake, more water is available for use. The lake bed has become so dry, it’s essentially become a sponge, soaking up any water that it would normally receive. Additionally, evaporation outpaced city consumption. Over thirteen gallons evaporated for every one gallon used by the city.

The near term forecast looks better for the area, with nearly two inches of rain on the way. However, longer term forecasts don’t look as encouraging.

The city is seeking to develop a ground water source as a longer term solution.