Pike Research: Nearly 30 Million Smart Water Meters Within 5 Years

Increased demand for water, need for efficiency and infrastructure issues listed as factors – market for two-way meters is expected to nearly triple by 2017.

According to a report from  by Pike Research, the global market for smart water meters will see substantial growth in the next five yearss

While the report predicts strong growth for smart water meters, it does temper their forecast from 2010, which saw the market to reach nearly 32 million meters by 2016. The new report anticipates the worldwide installed base to reach 25.2 million in the same period.

Smart water meters are a wise choice for improving how water systems are managed and billed. However, there are significant financial and technical hurdles that will be impediments to progress and growth during the next several years. – Senior Analyst Neil Strother, Pike Research

Increased unit costs vs traditional meters, greater IT expertise, utility customer resistance are cited as impediments to faster adoption.

Photo:  Flickr – teachernz