New 250 PSI Insertable Valve from Hydra-Stop – Simplified Installation and Operation

Alsip, IL (June 7, 2012) Hydra-Stop, a division of ADS LLC, today announces the introduction of the new 16” IVP 250. This next generation, permanent, insertable gate valve offers increased strength, improved performance, and simplified installation and operation. Its predecessor, the award winning 150 psi rated Insta-Valve Plus, is the most reliable and most installed gate valve in the industry.

“This redesigned and re-engineered gate valve is the result of many years of successful installation and dedicated research and development efforts,” states Brian Ries, Lead Engineer for Hydra-Stop. “Customers have requested this higher pressure valve that will deliver the same quality and performance they rely on from Hydra-Stop.”

The IVP 250 offers the following new features: a 2” diameter stainless steel valve stem for superior strength and reliability: interchangeable valve gate/paddle system to accommodate most types of pipe; a double o-ring seal; true “wedge” style gate design; thrust washers; reinforced and improved valve gate seal; and loose stem nut design (aluminum bronze) for simplified operation and superior performance in severe conditions.

Hydra-Stop’s new IVP 250 can be installed using Hydra-Stop’s newly designed 16” insertion equipment. The IVP 250 is the only insertion valve offered with a stainless steel valve body. The IVP 250 is rated for a 250 psi working pressure and a 375 psi test pressure. Other customer requested improvements in the IVP 250 include superior sealing process, elimination of key ways, and improved installation process.

Valve insertion from Hydra-Stop is the installation of a permanent valve on a water or wastewater line for system expansion and planned or emergency repairs. This helps utilities avoid the expense and the health and safety risks associated with system shutdowns. Traditional methods of maintenance, repair, and expansion create critical issues of community concern such as boil orders, extended periods without water, loss of treated water, and operator safety. The economical solution of valve insertion also improves proactive water system management and thereby reduces the risks of large pipe leaks which are often a result of delayed maintenance and can have catastrophic impacts on a community.

About Hydra-Stop: Hydra-Stop is a leading provider of integrated and expandable pipe maintenance equipment. In business for over 30 years, their experience and commitment are built in to every product and every project. Hydra-Stop is a division of ADS LLC, an IDEX Water & Wastewater Business. For more information visit or call Hydra-Stop at 800-538-7867.

Press Contact: Cindy O’Gorman   256-426-5369