Marysville, OH to Install AMR

City looks to follow the lead of neighboring communities.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Marysville, Oh, will invest $1.7M to transition to automatic meter reading (AMR) for 6990 metered connections.

The feature quotes Public Services Director John Mitchell, “Other communities have switched, and we kind of wanted to wait and see how it all panned out. Now we’ll get in on the cutting edge.”

The City has been setting funds aside in preparation for the transition. The system will eliminate the need for manual reads, which are currently done monthly by a contractor, saving the City $80,000 annually. Furthermore, they hope the system will help identify and eliminate leaks located behind the meter, by the ability to detect spikes in consumption.

In the proposed system, the meters will transmit data wirelessly to the nearest water tower every few minutes. That data can then be accumulated and transmitted back to City Hall a few times a day.