UPDATE: Springfield Utility Accessed From Russia, But Not Hacked

Access to SCADA system was legitimate

As it turns out, Curran-Gardner Public Water District’s SCADA system was accessed from a computer located in Russia. But the access was from a legitimate user, Jim Mimlitz of Navionics Research, the company that set up the SCADA system. Mr. Mimlitz was on a family vacation in Russia, and was checking up on the system during his trip, after a request from an employee at the utility. However, he didn’t alter the system.

It seems that when the pump failed and an investigation of the access logs showed an IP located in Russia, along with credentials belonging to Mr. Nimlitz, the utility felt obligated to report the possibility of a security breach. The utility didn’t realize that Mr. Mimlitz was in Russia.

More information can be found in WIRED.