Krausz USA Launches the HYMAX GRIP

New restraint coupling and flange adaptor feature unique sealing and gripping system allowing connections for all types of plastic and metal pipes while reducing future breaks

Boston, MA, June 9 – Krausz USA introduced the HYMAX GRIP pipe coupling and flange adaptor featuring patented technology that uses universal teeth to restrain all types of connecting plastic and metal pipes.  As pressure is applied to the connecting pipes, the HYMAX GRIP actually increases its hold on the pipe.

 “The HYMAX GRIP helps ensure pipes stay securely connected under extreme conditions, such as those caused by weather changes,” said Krausz USA president Tom Gwynn at ACE14 Conference and Exhibition in Boston.  “The HYMAX GRIP is based on the game-changing HYMAX technology that has been field HYMAX GRIP - coupling copyproven in more than one million installations in the U.S. and Canada.”

 Like the HYMAX, the HYMAX GRIP has a unique hydraulic sealing that allows joining pipes to move up to four degrees on each end of the coupling and still maintain a tight, durable seal.  Through this ability of dynamic deflection the HYMAX GRIP absorbs a wide variety of fluctuating stresses, making it a durable and secure coupling that lasts.

 Ready to use out of the box, the HYMAX GRIP comes as a restraint coupling and as a flange adapter, both with a pipe diameter range of 4 to 12 inches.  It has a stab-fit design with a top-facing 2-bolt closure for the coupling and 1-bolt closure for the flange adaptor version.  These features make it simple for installers to connect pipes and complete jobs quickly.

 “The HYMAX GRIP is the product of long research and development by Krausz’s team of engineers and technological experts.  Their efforts have allowed Krausz to register more than 100 patents on products that are durable, easily implemented and minimize repair time,” said Gwynn.  “The HYMAX GRIP builds on Krausz’s reputation for providing innovative products that are reliable and perform even under the most extreme conditions.”

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