IDModeling Introduces Sedarū, for Real-time, Connected Utility Management

IDModeling, and Sedarū customers across the U.S., are leading an evolution. With Sedarū® utility management software, water professionals connect to anticipate water operations, understand impacts, and solve problems – across the utility. Sedarū lets your water utility make more proactive decisions by sharing current, relevant, and analyzed information, faster than ever before.

Any time, any place. In the office or in the field, Sedarū’s technology works seamlessly with everyday devices. It’s easy-to-use, mobile and social. And with its intuitive drag-and-drop approach and touchscreen Tile-Bars, Sedarū configures to any user in minutes.

Sedarū empowers your water utility to:

  • Monitor trends and key performance indicators.
  • Communicate across the water utility, in real-time from tablets or smart phones
  • Predict events before they occur, optimize operations, and plan defensible CIP projects.
  • Use real-time GIS mapping to address water quality, energy, or customer response.
  • Connect with field crews in real-time to provide informed answers to customers.