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Guest Editorial: Critical Success Factors at OCWD’s Groundwater Replenishment System

The GWRS takes secondary treated wastewater and further treats it using microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light with hydrogen peroxide to produce water that is of near-distilled quality. The process removes any bacteria, protozoa, dissolved minerals, viruses, pharmaceuticals and low molecular weight organics to non-detection levels. At 70 million gallons per day (mgd), this project […]

Guest Commentary: Integrated Water Resources Management

It is often said that we live in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. It may be overlooked that our water systems have always been interconnected, integrated systems that are managed by numerous utilities, municipalities, and governing bodies. Water systems impact how the world’s communities develop, are key economic drivers, and offer public health and […]

NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc. Awarded EPA Performance Validation for UV Systems in Municipal Applications

San Diego, CA – NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in High-Efficiency Ultra-Violet (UV) water treatment systems, announces the validation of their D438 UV disinfection system and large Patriot manifolds for municipal and potable water applications. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through their Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program in cooperation with the National […]

Direct Potable Reuse Takes Hold in Texas

As the saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas”. Water reuse, including direct non-potable and indirect potable reuse (IPR), is no exception.  In 2010, Texas water reuse projects recycled over 260B gallons of water. That’s enough water to completely fill the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium 335,076 times over. This number is expected to double by […]

WaterReuse Research Foundation Issues RFP on Management of Legionella in Recycled Water Systems

The WaterReuse Research Foundation (WRRF) has issued a request-for-proposal titled “Development of a Risk Management Strategy for Legionella in Recycled Water Systems”. WRRF seeks to understand and communicate the possibilities of exposure to Legionella within recycled water systems as well as develop control solutions so that water quality managers can mitigate the risks associated with […]

New High Performance Transit-Time Flowmeter

10-Path, High Accuracy Flowmeter for Unique Applications West Wareham, MA (July 10, 2012) Accusonic® Technologies, a Division of ADS® LLC, today announces the new high performance Accusonic Model 8510 a multiple-path, transit-time flowmeter. This high-accuracy, backward compatible meter is designed to conquer challenging installation and measurement requirements associated with large pipes and channels in a […]