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Infrastructure Management: No Laughing Matter

It is now well-known that current estimates identify a huge gap between buried infrastructure management needs and committed funding levels. This funding shortfall occurs at a time when many utilities are experiencing a reduction in revenues due to a reduction in per capita water use. It is only natural, therefore, that utility expenses not driven […]

Guest Commentary: AMI/AMR Standardization

Implementing automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) has been shown to help water utilities reduce operating expenses, increase revenue, refine rate structures, prioritize projects, communicate with customers, and inform conservation programs. However, utilities deciding whether to deploy these technologies are faced with a lack of standards as well as incompatibilities between systems […]

cyanobacteria surface water

Recommendations for Optimizing Conventional Treatment for the Removal of Cyanobacteria and Toxins

The incidence of cyanobacterial blooms in surface water is a phenomenon that, while familiar to members of the water community, draws concern and questions from populations worldwide. Despite the industry’s knowledge about this topic, the fact remains that as climate change, continued urbanization, and intensified nutrient loading of source waters increases the risk of more […]