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EPA Announces $950,000 for Green Infrastructure Projects

Since 2007, EPA has actively engaged with public and private partners to promote the implementation of sustainable stormwater infrastructure. EPA renewed its commitment to green infrastructure in April of 2011 with the release of an updated Strategic Agenda and the initiation of 10 community partnerships. EPA recognizes local practitioners as the leaders in the implementation of multi-functional green infrastructure and seeks to foster continued innovation through information exchange and the removal of key barriers.

Curb Master

ACF Environmental Expands Stormwater Management Product Line

  Richmond, VA (May 10, 2012) ACF Environmental today announces two new products designed to keep pollutants out of storm sewer inlets. Curb Master, a curb inlet filter, removes sediment, trash and debris from stormwater runoff as it enters the curb drain. It installs quickly and easily using a unique quick release attachment system. The […]

Water Reuse

¬© photo iStockphoto / DenGuy The truth is, the term “water reuse” is awkward nomenclature. ¬†There is no other form of water usage other than water reuse. But the phrase does have meaning in an applied sense. Here we will explore different facets of water reuse as the term applies to engineered applications. Let’s first […]

WERF Offers $1M for Research on Water Infrastructure for the 21st Century

Public-Private partnership between Water Environment Research Foundation & U.S. EPA seeks to fund research projects based on cost management and operational efficacy. Partnerships with wastewater and/or stormwater utilities explicitly encouraged.