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Infrastructure Management: No Laughing Matter

It is now well-known that current estimates identify a huge gap between buried infrastructure management needs and committed funding levels. This funding shortfall occurs at a time when many utilities are experiencing a reduction in revenues due to a reduction in per capita water use. It is only natural, therefore, that utility expenses not driven […]

Project Profile: Rapid Repair Restores Water Service

The Water Department for the City of Haines City, Florida serves 20,000 customers, and oversees and maintains: 89 miles of water mains ranging from 2 to 30 inches 7 miles of reclaimed water 40 miles of force mains, and 51 miles of gravity sewer mains with 850 manholes Utility foreman James Coker has worked for […]

Protecting the Revenue Stream: Leak Location, Condition Assessment, Rehab & Replacement of Water Distribution Systems

Every drop of water has, within it, embedded costs. It carries the energy used for pumping and treatment, labor costs, as well as administrative expenses. It’s all invested to deliver high-quality drinking water to the consumer. Here we explore a range of technologies to cost-effectively assess, rehabilitate and repair water distribution systems.