Canton’s Meter Replacement Project Registers Savings

Fixed network AMI pioneer City of Canton overhauls their first-of-its-kind water meter network

Prequalification of Installation Contractors 

Early in the planning phase it became evident that installation contractors must meet four key factors to ensure the project’s success.

  1. Proven experience on similar size projects
  2. Strong project management and field supervision
  3. In-house call center for scheduling appointments
  4. Ability to maintain schedule by correcting minor plumbing defects (non-standard work) during initial appointment

It was determined that only qualified meter installation contractors would be allowed to bid the project. The first step was to issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from interested firms experienced in similar size projects. The RFQ defined that scoring method and point system for the following categories:

Phase I: SOQ Scoring (150 Points Total)

  1. Corporate Background and Financial Condition (30 Points)
  2. Project References (30 Points)
  3. Project Management Plan (40 Points)
  4. Implementation Plan (30 Points)
  5. Public Relations, Communications, and Scheduling Plan (20 Points)

Phase II: Cost Proposal Scoring (100 Points)

6A. Total Cost for Standard Work (80 Points)

6B. Total Cost for Non-Standard Work (20 Points)

The RFQ also summarized the scope of work to be performed by the installation contractor. Each qualified contractor was required to submit their Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to be evaluated and scored. Each Contractor had to demonstrate in their SOQ that they could provide the labor, materials, tools, and equipment necessary to perform the work.  They were also required to demonstrate that they had performed the work successfully on other projects of similar size, and have sufficient resources to manage the project.

Based on ranking of the SOQ documents received, a shortlist of pre-qualified meter installation contractors were invited to be interviewed by the Project Team. Installation contractors who were deemed qualified received an invitation to submit a bid proposal.

The qualifications scoring counted for 60% and the price proposal accounted for the remaining 40% of the total possible points. The combined scoring of qualifications and pricing was used to select the successful bidder and award the contract for installation of the water meters and MTUs.