Canton’s Meter Replacement Project Registers Savings

Fixed network AMI pioneer City of Canton overhauls their first-of-its-kind water meter network

Canton selected Positive Displacement Nutating Disk meter for sizes 5/8” through 1-1/2” in diameter.

Canton selected Positive Displacement Nutating Disk meter for sizes 5/8” through 1-1/2” in diameter.

Water Meter Procurement Contract

Presentations by meter manufacturers were conducted, and an evaluation of features of each was completed. The Team concluded that the electronic registers offered few advantages beyond what ACLARA STAR software already provided, and were more costly and therefore not necessary. Since the City was satisfied with the nutating disk positive displacement meters past performance, a performance spec based on AWWA standards was prepared. To minimize risk, 25 year warranties were required for meters and 10 year warranties for registers. Three water meter manufacturers were pre-qualified to provide competitive bids for their meter and register.

Purchasing the meters directly from the manufacturer allowed the City to avoid the typical handling fees normally associated with the purchase of equipment by a contractor.  This approach resulted in savings of more than $500,000 in the purchase price of the meters.   All meters were purchased by the City and delivered directly to the installation contractor for field installation.

MTU Procurement Contract

Confident that the technical issues with the AMR software had been resolved, the City opted to pursue a sole-source negotiated purchase of the MTUs and technical support services from ACLARA Technologies. To minimize risk, the City selected the absolute meter register to send the meter reading to the MTU since it had a proven track record of success when used with the ACLARA 3300 Series MTUs. In addition, installation contractors were required to demonstrate their prior experience installing ACLARA MTUs and uploading meter reading data into utility billing databases for similar size projects.

In areas where poor signal strength resulted in lost transmission of meter readings, Extended Range MTUs would be used to improve overall system reliability. In addition relocating the MTU outdoors would improve communication reliability. ACLARA ran simulations to show which areas of the City would most likely need extended range units.

The City also decided to relocate and reuse 8,000 of the 3-year-old 8750D series MTUs and 8,800 of the newer 3320 series MTUs. This saved Canton more than $500,000 in replacement costs.

The final purchase order with ACLARA resulted in a sole source contract to:

1. Provide project management and extended warranties for maintenance of hardware and software after the system upgrade is complete.

2. Provide approximately 24,500 of the 3300 series MTUs.

3. Provide technical support services during the installation period.