Alameda County Water District Sells $45M in Revenue Bonds

Approximately half the funds will be used for infrastructure projects, the rest to refinance existing debt at lower rate

Alameda County Water District (ACWD) announced the sale of $45M in bonds. ACWD has a AAA bond rating Standard & Poors.

According to the announcement, a portion of the proceeds will be use for infrastructure projects including:

• Seismic reliability projects, which will help to minimize water service disruptions in the event of an earthquake.
• Fire flow projects, which will help to improve fire protection services in the Tri-City area.
• Water supply reliability projects, which will help to ensure an uninterrupted flow of water to Tri-City residents and businesses.
• Water quality projects, which will help to maintain the high quality of the Tri-City’s water supply.

The district will further save $7M in finance charges through the refinancing of existing debt.


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