ACF Environmental Expands Stormwater Management Product Line


Richmond, VA (May 10, 2012) ACF Environmental today announces two new products designed to keep pollutants out of storm sewer inlets.

Curb Master, a curb inlet filter, removes sediment, trash and debris from stormwater runoff as it enters the curb drain. It installs quickly and easily using a unique quick release attachment system. The unit features a low profile from the curb face. Curb Master features interchangeable filter media, allowing the filter material to be customized to the requirements of the site. Additionally, the system can be further enhanced with a flocculant filter. Curb Master features an engineered bypass to prevent flooding during heavy rain events.

Grate Master, a drop inlet filter, removes sediment, trash and pollutants from stormwater runoff. Grate Master can be easily augmented with three optional filter booms, to expand sediment, heavy metal and hydrocarbon removal. Grate Master offers simple quick configuration and installation.

“We’ve been at this for a very long time, launching our first runoff products over 25 years ago,” commented David Kelley, National Marketing Manager. “We’ve also spent well over a decade installing and maintaining other manufacturer’s inlet filters. There’s no better lab than the real world. This experience was priceless. We’ve come up with a better answer. These products combine the best in performance, ease of installation and value.”

For more information on Curb Master & Grate Master and other innovative stormwater BMPs, visit or call 800-448-3636

 About ACF Environmental

ACF Environmental is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for sediment control, geotechnical engineering & stormwater management. We have built our business promoting products that facilitate infrastructural improvements, while keeping pollution out of our streams and waterways.