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City of San Diego Final Draft Report on Water Reuse Published

In August of 2009, the City of San Diego formally commenced exploring options for water reuse and initiated the Recycled Water Study. The city formed a cooperative agreement with San Diego Coastkeeper and the San Diego Chapter of Surfrider Foundation. The study sought to “identify opportunities within the City’s system to maximize recycling and reclamation […]

Curb Master

ACF Environmental Expands Stormwater Management Product Line

  Richmond, VA (May 10, 2012) ACF Environmental today announces two new products designed to keep pollutants out of storm sewer inlets. Curb Master, a curb inlet filter, removes sediment, trash and debris from stormwater runoff as it enters the curb drain. It installs quickly and easily using a unique quick release attachment system. The […]

Rancho California Water District Receives Federal Grant to Explore Water Reuse

Rancho California Water District, which serves over 120,000 customers in the cities of Temecula, Murrieta and various incorporated areas in Riverside County, received a $175,000 federal grant to explore ideas on how to make use of its treated waste water. Upon completion of the study, the district will then pursue additional grants from the U.S. Bureau of […]

iPad 2 and Kindle Fire Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. The response exceeded our expectations. The survey responses were enlightening. Congratulations to Bill Alexander, Operations Manager for Brunswick & Topsham Water District. Bill won the Kindle Fire. Congratulations to Kevin Milligan, Assistant General Manager & Interim Utilities CFO, Riverside Public Utilities. Kevin won the iPad 2. Thanks again […]

Simplified Flow Monitoring from ADS Environmental Services now Available for FlowSharks

Huntsville, AL (April 25, 2012) ADS Environmental Services® today announces that Qstart™ is available for FlowShark® monitors. This new software utility, which can be instantly downloaded from the ADS website, is now available for use with most all ADS flow monitors. This latest release of Qstart also includes additional features requested by Qstart customers. These […]

Water Reuse

© photo iStockphoto / DenGuy The truth is, the term “water reuse” is awkward nomenclature.  There is no other form of water usage other than water reuse. But the phrase does have meaning in an applied sense. Here we will explore different facets of water reuse as the term applies to engineered applications. Let’s first […]